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Its been quite a long day. First, I made the grand discovery that I, am old. Ancient. Mummified. Soon to rise from the dead. 
I no longer identify with the ‘younglings’.

I sneer at their verbal t-shirts, and their colorful shoes. Their gigantic caps are beyond me! Fashion, you say? Pah, I reply with disgust.
This language they speak … English? Nay! Jamaican English.. what does that mean?! Don’t ask me; I’m old.

Apart from the chalk-on-blackboard kids, life is grand.

This is the part where I’m supposed to go off about my new beau or new crush, right? Well, not today, and not for a while, either.

I came about the word a short while back and oh, the joy! There is an actual word for it! I am a degree less weird because I can identify it with something that didn’t originate from my head.

It being…

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Do you think that it is important to offer the arts in a school setting?

Its important to offers art subjects in school as they important for other subjects.Any type of art is more of talent rather than intellectual ability in simple no one for example is taught how o drawn or pain its innate an ability you were born wit,a talent.now imagine if art subjects were not offered in schools ?mostly student artistically gifted would never be able to enhance their skills it would be a world without Leonardo da vinci of our time

Private schools v. Public Schools

children in private schools will always perform better than counterparts in public schools one because of over strained teachers and reading materials it a usual scene in public schools where students share reading materials surely how would one expect the students to perform better than those in public schools who mostly their parents and care givers are rich enough to provide for their every educational needs..that the plain and candid facts private and public schools will never be at per.

Save Our Schools NZ

Private schools v. Public Schools


“Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups,” Travis Dane



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